Montreat Youth & College Conference Registration Page

STEP 1:  LOGIN WITH YOUR USERNAME and PASSWORD: Your username is the contact person’s e-mail address listed on your conference registration form. Your password is the 6-digit reservation number found at the top of any group receipt/ confirmation you have received. If you have groups registered for multiple conferences (youth, middle, college), please note that your reservation number for each group is different.

STEP 2PARTICIPANT LINK: On the group information page, you will see a PARTICIPANT LINK. Copy,  paste, and send this link to all of your youth and adults. For returning participants, they should review and make any necessary updates, ie grade, etc. If they aren’t in the database, it will take them to a blank form which they’ll complete.   YOUTH CONFERENCE:  both youth and parent can sign the covenant electronically!

If any of your group members don’t complete the form online (and you are doing it for them) you will need to enter their information by clicking on the REGISTER PARTICIPANT button. If this happens YOU are responsible for getting them to add both youth and parent signature (parent signature needed for youth conference only)  (with an old-fashioned pen!) to the Conference Covenant Signature Page.

STEP 3: COMPLETE LOCATOR FORM INFORMATION: To complete the additional information on your locator form, click on COMPLETE LOCATOR FORM INFORMATION.

STEP 4PRINT LOCATOR FORM and PRINT CONFERENCE COVENANT SIGNATURE PAGE: Once all of your group members have submitted the covenant information, log back in and PRINT LOCATOR FORM and PRINT CONFERENCE COVENANT SIGNATURE PAGE. There is a slight lag time from submission to populating the forms. Every member of your group should be listed on the locator form and on the covenant signature page (either electronically or handwritten).

STEP 5What to bring to onsite registration:

  • TWO COPIES OF THE LOCATOR FORM:  Bring 2 copies of the locator form.  One copy will be turned in at registration and one copy will be for your records.  
  • ONE COPY OF THE COVENANT SIGNATURE PAGE.  Bring 1 copy of the signature page to turn in at registration.  You do not need to bring individual covenants to registration. If you would like copies of your group’s covenants for your own records, there is a print covenants option or you can choose to print an additional copy of the Covenant Signature page.  

Any questions can be directed to Hope Barker at